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I have now been diagnosed 2.5 years with dissociative identity disorder. Prior to the diagnosis, I worked a very rewarding full-time job, had an active life, and had what I thought was a close circle of friends. Since the DID became ‘active’, I have lost all but 2 friends, my job is gone, my home is gone, and for a while, I even lost my children.  I have been blessed to rebuild my relationship with them and I’d like to build a new one with each of you, Faithful Readers and Survivors. This disorder has been with me most of my life. It now has a label…that’s all – it is a label. I will remain forever hopeful that some day, I will be able to return to a more ‘normal’ existence that is not dominated by this disorder.


~Jess Mei~



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  1. Hi,

    Your blog is very informative and a pleasure to read. I have PTSD, Severe Depressive Disorder and dissociative disorders including Dissociative Amnesia.
    I became different in 2002. I have no memory of my life previous, that’s my childhood and serving in the Army for 30 years. My short term memory is also very poor. Your 10 tips are very practical and I will adopt them!


    • Hi Dave,

      Please pardon my tardy response. I’m glad you’re going to adapt the 10 tips! Have you heard and investigated EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing? It is supposed to be excellent in treating PTSD; however, if you are a Multiple, I’m told by my therapist that is can really wreck havoc on the system. If you’re interested, I suggest you go to the Institute for some general information on how it works and have a look on youtube to see it in action.
      Here’s the website for the EMDR Institute:
      Good Luck to you! Please write back and let me know what you think?

  2. I have DID too, but i/we can live with it, mainly because we both are exactly the same, living at the same time, helping each other out, and most importantly, keeping absoulutly no secrets. we act as one, and it is safe to say that we work so closely together that we can almost be one, except for the internal conversations(Peaceful of course). when i have stress from all of this stuff, i chew on something for a while.

  3. Hi Anomimus,

    That sounds exciting, to have such cooperation. We hope to get there eventually.

  4. Hi I am D.I . D too. I am having a harder time now. I am seeing a psychiatrist. I think my Dad death caused the D I D to become active but it feels like seeing the psychiatrist makes it worse. Would you be able to write about your being active? I feel bad that things were good and now not so good for you. I also fear things are gonna get worse for me now. I so much want to work and live a simple peaceful life. JourneyD

    • Hi Debbi,

      Condolences for the DID. It is simply not an easy way to live. As for the therapy, yes, it can most definitely make the switching and other physical activities pick up. Are you doing memory work? Maybe you can ask your psychiatrist to end the session like 10 minutes early (especially during super intense sessions), so you have a minute or two to collect yourselves. When you ask about being active, what do you mean exactly? As for getting worse, perhaps – but why worry over things that may or may not be in your control? Let me know what you’d like me to write about specifically in terms of being active and I will. Thanks for commenting. I look forward to hearing from you again. Oh and btw, my SO and I have a support group on Yahoo. I’ve forwarded an invite to you.

  5. I am willing to chat with you privately provided you do not have exploitative motives. What email would you like me to use to contact you?

  6. Hi. Are you still okay? I cant find any recent posts so maybe youve stopped writing or are posting somewhere else. What youve shared is so relievingly helpful (is that even a word?…ha, ha), so im hoping im just looking in the wrong spot. Of course, no pressure andplease no bad feelings if youve stopped. I tried to post but am not ready yet. I guess i shouldadmit i have did too, but hope thats not the reason you might respond. Pls forgive the grammer. I usually do better but am using my touchphone which should have bigger letters and have a spacebar EVERY time it’s tapped. Hope youre okay. All the best.

  7. Hi. Yes, I’m still okay. I have had so so much going on (including tsunamis of memories) that I haven’t been strong enough to post anything lately. Thanks for thinking about me. How are you doing?

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