I’m in Crisis

~By: Jess Mei

For anyone out there who has been following this blog-I am in crisis. My housemate is tired of me living off her (I don’t have a job or a place to live), my ex and I are still fighting and it was bad…really, really bad – and I need to cut. But I want to cut for good this time. I want to take some pills and cut, cut, cut until I can’t bring my hand up to cut anymore. I have 2 kids who hate me because I left the family home, a mother who hates me because I breath and just happen to look like my father, and I hate myself. There’s a dog here to hug, but I don’t like him, knitting won’t do. I really need some help. I don’t have a therapist, no medical insurance, no life. I’m tired. I’m scared and I hurt so much. You’d think I’d be too old for this, but pain is pain. If you’re still young, please get help – don’t be my age still dealing with this. Help me somebody. God isn’t even here for me now. I have no one – nothing. HELP ME!!!


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